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EGN Global Webinar: The art of leading with love
Meet Ulrik Nerloe, an inspiring and insightful speaker on the topics of leadership, the future of work, consciousness, and the impact of bringing empathy, energy and love into our leadership behavior. 

During the webinar, Ulrik will give you concrete tools to work with and address the following points:

- What does empathy and love have to do with leading?
- How can energy focus and awareness create talent and client attraction?
- Whole people create whole organizations
- Positive energy translates into positive bottom line
- What happens when organisations start to bring the “heart” to work?
- Conscious awareness in leadership is the foundation for the future
- The future CEO will be a Chief Energy Officer

About Ulrik Nerloe: 

Ulrik is an international bestselling author, public speaker, People Transformation Expert, Chief Energy Officer and he has just published his newest book “THE ENERGY PATH – The art of leading with love”. 

If you for some reason are unable to use Zoom, you can also follow the webinar on a Youtube stream: https://youtu.be/GxpjBk1oblA

Aug 19, 2021 09:00 AM in Copenhagen

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